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Welcome to U.S. Growth Funds (USGF)

U.S. Growth Funds is a private equity investment firm focused on middle market businesses based in the United States. We look for opportunities to invest in businesses with:

  • Enterprise values ranging from $10 million to $50 million,
  • Attractive growth prospects,
  • A crisply identified Value Creation Hypothesis and drivers, and
  • High quality management teams seeking a meaningful post-deal ownership stake in the companies they operate. 

Founded in 1992, we make a limited number of new investments each year in specifically Targeted Industries & Situations.  Our goal is to originate no more than 12 new equity investments every three to five years and execute each of them very well.  Because each of our investments represent a significant portion of our total capital, this approach closely aligns our interests with those of our management partners.  Our partners share a significant commitment to, and vested interest in, the success of every portfolio company.

Our mission is to generate superior investment returns by partnering with entrepreneurial management teams who share our vision of building great companies with integrity in our process and balance in our lives.  We derive great satisfaction from helping our investors generate significant capital appreciation and our management partners build wealth. 

Since our inception, USGF has maintained an unparalleled track record of closing transactions on time and within agreed upon terms.      



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